Immer wieder zum ersten Mal.


Immer wieder: Zum ersten Mal.

Für Mathilda

Zum ersten Mal in diesem Jahr sehe ich nicht Aufblühen und Sattes Grün, wenn ich nach vorne Blicke. Die Tage sind noch warm, und sie werden es wohl noch eine Weile bleiben, aber gestern roch ich zum ersten Mal den Herbst in der Luft, diese Ahnung der kürzer werdenden Tage und kühlen Nächte, Lachen, das vom zausenden Wind davongetragen wird wie welke Blätter, heisser Tee unter warmen…

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 The Government Shutdown explained in the best way.  

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Artworks by IrondoomDesign (Halloween is coming…)

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When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life all around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life. Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn’t to be found anywhere. There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this? Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.


Eckhart Tolle (via felicefawn)

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Julian Hoeber - Demon Hill (2010-12)

"A freestanding structure based on the architecture of ‘gravitational mystery spots’. The architecture of these shacks creates the illusion that gravity works at an angle, that water runs uphill, and that bodies stand at a sharp angle to the floor.

'Mystery spots' claim to be an effect and marker of a geological anomaly or a supernatural phenomenon and the illusion is so convincing that it gives even rational people pause. The project allows for a playful experience of space and narrative while opening questions of how psychology and ideology form meaning in art.”

Additional installation shots found here and here.

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Mirrors, gawking.


Mirrors, gawking. #reloaded

This is for a special someone. For all I know it could be Old Chinese, because my words never seem to reach, they don’t even seem to leave my tongue the way they should: what seems so clean and obvious in my mind gets dirty and confusing as soon as it…

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This book has it all…

I don’t want this mystery to be solved.



This book has it all…

I don’t want this mystery to be solved.

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"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day."

A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh (via likeafieldmouse)

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"Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end."

Colin Wright (via interiorsporn)

I’m rebloging this because it actually made me think, and that is what these funny little black things on a white thing are supposed to do. The metaphor isn’t really fitting, but you can stretch it quite far…

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freefallwithme-deactivated20140 said: How can you keep a high frequency or even stay positive when the people that are around you are constantly complaining, and negative and generally operating at extremely low frequencies? I feel like they bring my frequency down by being around them (although I know this is impossible and it is only my perception I still feel it) so I remove myself but then I feel lonely. No company is better than bad company right?


You are creating divisions and separation where there are none. By seeing yourself and others in terms of “frequency”, you are inadvertently judging them. Then you just end up thinking of these people and interacting with them in terms of how you have perceived their frequency to be. 

Forget about frequency and positivity, they have nothing to do with peace. Frequency is transient, it fluctuates and changes. Positivity has a lifespan, it was born and it will end. Peace is eternal, timeless, ever present here and now. 

Like a fish born in water, you were born in peace. Don’t settle for anything less than coming to know yourself as that peace. 

This is the whole point of meditation. Coming to know yourself as Existence without the context of body and mind, you will understand for yourself that your own body-mind and the appearance of other people are just that: appearances. In reality there is just Existence—Being, Awareness, and Bliss, all as One. 

While you still may prefer the company of certain people as opposed to others, you recognize that it is essentially undifferentiated. 

Remember that compassion is important. Not just for others but also for yourself. When you feel compassion for the people who live in what you would call a low-frequency state, then you feel love for them rather than disdain or avoidance. 

Peace is not reactive, it is all-embracing. 

I would highly recommend a daily meditation practice and the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

Namaste :)

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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense."

Rumi (via lazyyogi)

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